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This is an easy and complex concept at the same time, so let’s try to bring it home. It is financially daunting to buy a large piece of land in a prime location and if you are not, for instance, a governor, It would not make reasonable sense. Saccos have come in to buy such lands and subdivide to their members at much lower prices for befitting proportions. They still get the value and the pride of owning land at the prime suburbs. SaaS works the same way, and you will see how in just a bit.   

The term SaaS or software as service was first mentioned in an article titled “Software as service: strategy background” this was in 2000 by the Software and Information Industry Association. It refers to the software delivery model in which software and it’s associate’s data are hosted centrally accessed using a light-weight medium (thin -client) such as a web browser over the internet. 

The following are some of the characteristics of SaaS: – 

  • There is easy customization of SaaS items. 
  • Better access 
  • Multitenant architecture 
  • Ease of integration with other services 
  • Optimal operational performance 

Depending on the driving force to adoption, SaaS can be expressed in two ways as follows: 

The ups for SaaS 

There is no need to buy application you only need to deploy them and maintain them 

There is no need to maintain the equipment and infrastructure as they are also cheap. 

The Downs of SaaS: 

This majorly depends on the SaaS provider, It involves more security issues compared to the other typeIt has limited applications. 

 The architecture of SaaS: 

Any application which is designed for SaaS infrastructure needs a number of key issues to be considered to leverage the benefits delivered by the cloud. One advantage disadvantage of traditional application designs is that they demand more compute and storage resources compared to modern SaaS-based applications. SaaS is built on the principles of on-demand resource allocation and resource sharing among various clients hence optimizing resource usage and allocation. 


SaaS is classified further depending on the focus area of the software: 

Vertical SaaS 

  • This refers to the software that answers the requirement of a specific for example software for healthcare, real estate, industries dealing with finance and agriculture. 

Horizontal SaaS: 

  • This involves the product which mostly focuses on a software category for example marketing, human resources, developer too and sales keeping in mind that they are industry agnostics.  Software as a service (SaaS) 

 SaaS Providers: 

Software companies that used to deliver their products traditionally have quickly jumped into the SaaS bandwagon.  

Some of the SaaS providers include Salesforce, LinkedInWorkdayNetSuiteServiceNow, and Brainverse TechnologiesYou may ask, why does the SaaS industry sound so lucrative to many companies? Well, it presents easy to use, easy scalability, vendor accountability among other client and vendor-based advantages 

Use of SaaS services is pervasive in the development and deployment of modern application. In other words, SaaS methodology is very mature and would play a central role in future computing.  

Brainverse Technologies is one of the fast-growing technology company in Kenya and Africa at large. We launched our first SaaS product in August 2018 – The Brainverse CRM, a system that is built to help small business get a complete visual of their business, on a lean and simple-to-use system. Over time, we have gathered enough knowledge and expertise in this software delivery model and we are happy to help your business grow and develop software that will give you an edge over your competitors. 

Whether you want to take advantage of our SaaS-based CRM system or you need custom software developed, we are ready to put our experience, expertise, and passion at your disposal, to walk with you down that path. We are just a click and a shout out away 😊. 


Our Contacts. 

Call: +254719425584 





Ibrahim Okore- Web system developer/Graphic designer, Brainverse Technologies. 

Brian Nyagol – CEO & Lead Developer, BrainverseTechnologies. 

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