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Running a business is hard, time consuming and sometimes disappointing. You can get so engrossed that you forget the most essential things that can help move you forward. Such are like business cards that can help you connect with others and widen your market coverage, as well as make you appear professional. We at Brainverse Technologies, while  seeking to acknowledge those people who work hard on their grind/hustle, came up with a promotion.

This is our very first official monthly promotion. This month of March, we offered to award 3 lucky businesses with Free Business Card Design plus 50 printed cards! Isn’t this amazing. In fact, one of the participants asked us if we don’t go at a loss. Well, we care more about the smile on your face than the worry of not making profit.

We had a total of 21 applicants submitting their bid to be the lucky winners.

On a second thought, we decided to award 4 businesses with this promotion. It was a tough choice to make as we saw great impact in awarding each business to their goals and needs to build their brand. Either way, we had to make  a choice, and we made our calls to the winners on 9th March 2018 with the good news.

The 4 businesses and persons who we chose are as follows:

  • Henma Supplies – By Henry Mbeke.
  • Four Points Media – By Duncan Otuoma.
  • Katega Youth Group – By Nickel Okumu.
  • The Sparkle Enterprises(TSE) – By Everlyne Mwende.

We believe in empowering businesses and enabling them to achieve the true success every business needs.

We will be updating the various designs made for them here as soon as they are done.

This is not the only award we gave the winners. We gave them an opportunity to win their friends, colleagues or family, who are interested in any of our services a 20% Discount  on any of our products and services. If they themselves are interested, we offered a 25% Discount on any product or service!

Wait, we couldn’t go without awarding all the others who took their valuable time to go for this opportunity. In this regard, we are giving them a 30% Discount on any of our products and services including our Essentials Business Brand Design Package that includes:

  • Logo Design.
  • Business Card Design + 100 Printed Cards.
  • T-Shirt Design/Letter Head Design.
  • Email Signature Design
  • Social Media Banner Design.

NOTE: All discount offers are valid till March 31st 2018.

Congratulations to our winners. To all other business who didn’t manage to get the award, we are very pleased to know you and wish to work with you closely to help you grow.

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  • Nickel Tari Okumu

    Am greatfull indeed you have made a notch higher. would you please share with me the details about T-shirts please.

    March 10, 2018 at 6:47 am Reply
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