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You have that android app stable and bug-free and starting to get popular among your clients or customers. The elegant design is lit and stunning, but the question here is, does your app support any other language other than English?

If your answer is anything apart from “YES” there is need to take actions as soon as possible. As the internet is bringing the world closer to the people and making it a small place it is inconsiderate, to assume all your clients will use your app in English only is inconsiderate. In order to reach the global market, you need to incorporate a couple of international languages.

Basically, app localization can be thought to be adaptations of an internationalized app to fit specific languages and cultures in different parts of the world.


Android app localizations not only involves displaying string resources in different languages but also involves choosing the correct formats for different data like dates, times and quantities (unit measures).

Most developers have been building android apps using English language strings which limits app users understand this language. Mostly using hard-coded texts directly into the code which makes app localization difficult if not impossible at all. Luckily, Android SDK has a solution to this by using resources. Resources may include text strings, layouts, sound and any other static data needed in your android application.

An app can include several sets of resources where each can be customized for a different device configuration. When the app is run, Android automatically selects and loads the resources that match the configurations.

The main reason for app localization is that we don’t all speak the same language. To open your app for a larger market which translates to increased customers for your business app localization becomes necessity. This leads to your app becoming a major hit.

Brainverse Developers

At Brainverse Technologies, our Android developers are specially trained on application localization. And we can help you to add different languages like Swahili to your android app. Our application development service presents this as an option in development, and you have the flexibility to leave it out.

As you may already expect, this will see to it that your app gains more users in Kenya and the whole of East Africa, hence broadening your business market. Sounds good? Do not hesitate to give Brainverse a test drive. Contact us today.

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Article by Kelvin Marshall

Brainverse Technologies 

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